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  •  Its great being in Deeksha. It made me more confident in approaching my exams in a better way. The faculty is very good. They are efficient, dedicated, interactive and made every class lively & memorable. Their teaching methods are very interesting and explains everything morethan the text books.

  •  Deeksha has been a great experience. Teachers cleared doubts without any hesitation, made math & science simpler and easier. Deeksha encouraged every student to reach their goal.

  • I learnt so many good values after joining this tution , I was improved in Maths and Science and also other subjects, I had learnt so many good qualities hear. I have been improved in

    Maths subjects because of faculty over hear. 

  • I have been benfited a alot keeping test on sundays giving bits papers and keeping tests on maths and science this helps us to scare more marks and percentage.

    I Like swetha mam she explains Biology,chemistry  very well she also said us all doubts in languages.

    we are benfited from Deeksha Education ,we learnt a lot hear i was very poor in bits but now iam scoring good marks in bits.

    Anil kumar XSSC Naraya Concept School Sec-bad

    1. Deeksha Tutorials helped me out by clearing all my doubts and giving extra classes by which we all got benifited.
    2. Faculty is totally supportive and they really motivated us to the right path.
    3. They conducted several number of subjective and objective tests and exams which helped us alot.
    4. sir  also provided us morning classes and cleared all our doubts.
    5. we improved alot in all subjects.

    A.Rishab XSSC Narayana Concept School Sec-bad

    1. Teachers are good hear, we have learnt so many things hear
    2. I have improved in all subjects.
    3. After coming toDeeksha Education.
    4. By keeping the test we have improved alot
    5. Teachers Explained us very well

    Sidwitha XSSC

  • After coming to Deeksha Education mainly I have improved in my social studies and the test which they keep and by that i had a good idea of writing examsd the teaching is very good at hear mainly biology and telugu.

    Lakshita XSSC

    1. In Deeksha Education : Maths really helped me to score good marks.
    2. Weekly tests helped me.
    3. It helped me to improve in language like English,Social,Hindi, and Telugu.
    4. Theirr is a very  good faculty.
    5. their are very good teachers who helped  and motivated me due to which we ware able to get good marks.
    6. Due to Deeksha I have improved alot in all my subjects.


    Akshaya .p XSSC


    1. Deeksha Education has improved my marks in science and maths
    2. Due to the weekend tests conducted in this institution, i was able to prepare buy fake watches and study
    3. Many important qustion were given which helped me in my exams.
    4. I improved in my objectives.
    5. I began to get intrest in science due to the faculty hear
    6. I realy like the explanation of teachers hear. 


    Shivani XSSC

  • After Joining deeksha we are scoring more in the examination conducted in school,

    we have improved alot compared to previouse performance.

    By conducting week replica watches uk end exams we learnt everything day to day.

    The study hours on sundays were also very help ful for us.

    The work sheets and imortant qustions which were given to us helped us to study.

    Teachers helped us to study easily for our term exams and pre-finals.

    Sudha X SSC student

  • Deeksha Education:It has a very calm and neat atmosphere so it helps us to study well,every Sunday they conduct a test on all subjects, they talk to our parents find out about our performance in school replica rolex watches etc and physics sir and Biology teachers teaches  everything in detail .

    Ayush XSSC



  • Deeksha Education: The best part at deeksha education is individual attention, swetha mam replica watches online and Rai chowdary sir are the best, Ram chander sir teaching is good ,Deeksha Education helped me a lot in my acedamics.


    V.Anirudh XCBSE



  • Deeksha Education: my mentors are good hear Ramchander sir,swetha mam are really good, deeksha had helped me a lot by giving us work sheets and keeping week end exams,The work sheets given hear are really meaningful ,the mentors try they level best to make us understand.

    Viswan XCBSE Sec-bad public high school


  • Deeksha Education: After joining deeksha i was benifited .By writing  weekly exams , i started learing unknwn things I rectified my mistakes I have improved a lot in social,science and Maths I have got the best faculty in deeksha. Tam satisfied with my deeksha staff. especially with swetha mam as she clears all my doughts in every subject(Science,telugu,social) . I would like to thank Raju sir because he had provided the best staff replica watches online and he managed to set our time table according to us and i would also like to thank my class teacher swetha mam because she conducted tests and rectified our mistakes and she even encouraged us .

     Srivalli XSSC ,Brilliant Grammer High School Hyd                                 

  •  DEEKSHA  home turors classes helped me a lot in the imporving marks in physics replica watches and chemistry regular exams individual attention papers analyisis helped me to secure good rank

    Medical Students Mamatha Medical College... - MOUNIKA l


    Short term has given me tremendous advantage in securing college seat experience of faculty. practice sessions helped me to understand typical concepts clearly.

    Engineering StudentVellore Institute


  • Practice sessions Teaching methods paper analysis helped me to prepare for exams in better way I am able to cop to competition due to the individual attention.

    IIT Karagpur Student

  • I am able to secure very good marks because of individual attention, regular exams paper analysis and in depth explanations of topics.

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